ReedBASE Members

Center for Sustainable Development and Environmental Research of the Danube Region


Legal status or Legal form: Communal organization of Odesa oblast council

Place  and year of registration: Odesa, 2017

Main territory of activity: Danube region

Main areas of activity:

  1. Promotion
  • Effective implementation of regional policy, cross-border cooperation in the field of        environmental protection;
  • Development of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving;
  • Socio-economic development of regions, increasing the competitiveness of       enterprises, development of small and medium business.
  1. Monitoring of water, soil and air quality.

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Сторінка у Facebook: instituteeconology

Contact person

Ihor Usatuyk



Legal status or Legal form: Civil society organisation

Year of joining the ReedBase Cluster: 2017

Place and year of registration: Reni, Odessa oblast, 2006

Main territory of ​​activity: Danube region

Main areas of activity:

  1. Nature conservation and education
  2. Support for
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Organic agriculture
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Ecotourism and agrotourism
  1. Conservation of cultural and historical heritage


Сторінка у Facebook: NGO Agricola

Contact person: Natalia Goriup